Interior Design Anglesey & North Wales

At North West Facilities we have award winning interior designers who work closely with our specialist suppliers and decoration teams. For discerning customers we can offer design, project management and implementation on projects  both commercial and residential.

For all clients we offer a free initial consultation where we will visit your location to view the chosen space and discuss requirements and budget. Following this meeting we will issue you with a quotation for the design process and associated works.

When the project has been confirmed our team will develop ideas represented in visual presentations. The proposed design, colour scheme, lighting, materials and furnishings will be mocked-up for discussion. Once the client has had time to reflect on the design and make adjustments as required, your design will be detailed as a final design specification. The final specification will include plans, visualisations, samples of materials, details of furnishings, fixtures and accessories.

Upon approval with our interior designers, your project will be allocated specialist decorators, electricians, carpenters, upholsters and flooring experts, as required by the project. Project plans will be drawn up including scheduling of the various stages.

Once your budget has been approved North West Facilities will maintain tight control. Expenditure will be continually monitored against the project specification and original quotation. Should the project require additional expenditure we will only proceed upon written approval from the client. Any additional work requested by the client will likewise need written confirmation before we will proceed. At every stage you will be in control of your budget.

Interior designers and decorators are used to working around the schedules of our clients. For commercial clients we are able to visit and work outside business hours. For residential clients we can work when the time is right for your schedule.