Andrew Strode Gibbons

Andrew Strode-Gibbons was the founder of The Mortgage Lender and vowed in 2008 after the sub prime crash that he’d be back.

He’s launched a new lender Bridge Le Gap, based in the North West of England.

Speaking openly about the market and in particular the volatility of Interest rates, particularly amid the COVID 19, pandemic, he voiced that after this, he feels there will be a thirst for capital amongst commercial asset owners and he plans to fill the void.

Some lenders he says will be ultra cautious and may we’ll restrict LTV’s. He says that BLG will not be following suit and will take a pragmatic approach to common sense lending.

He also stated that his team, will be open to partnering on joint venture deals.

When asked why he won’t be lending in Scotland and Northern Ireland, he stated that, albeit, initially, his target Market will be England and Wales, but has not ruled out these two member countries of the UK.