Budget Day Blues

Today’s emergency budget is far more impacting to most of us than we are really understanding, how do you keep the economy buoyant with vat rises and public sector budgets being slashed.

What we are going to see is more unemployment more people being tempted and ripped off by the cowboys and using underskilled and under paid so called tradesmen that the quality standards are also going to take their toll.

A professional and well trained in their craft person is always in demand, but unfortunately will also become a luxury item for some peoples budget, people have a short memory when they have been scammed and know they are taking chances, but why do they put up with this kind of society mindset, you are never going to win over on the Governments ways of supporting the system and need to raise taxes to carry out their plans, so why not be prudent with your own fiscal purse strings and look at the benefits you are failing to see. Quality, We all know there is a booming trade in copy imported fakes from china and all over the world and convince ourselves they are the same quality and no one will be able to tell the difference ? Wrong, they are created using child labour and inferior materials in sweat shops that the poor people are only just about existing on the monies they earn, everyone can especially, a qualified building surveyor who is here to value your home for sale and finds and condems the cheap and illegal building works you have had done to improve your chances of a sucsessful sale and really paid to much for a bad job. If its not legal its no good and a waste of money.Your money.

There is some light at the end of this tunnel for some, if you are tempted with a cash offer for cheaper this should be we really know we are both cheating the system and in doing so I am pretending you are not really here to cheat me out of my hard earned monies,This kind of  job, should immediately ring the alarm bells, how many programs do you need to watch on TV before you believe this.

People have lost their hard earned money to these people and some their entire life savings, what ever happens today dont put your biggest asset at risk to these people they really only can do more harm than good, if you do you will face the same results as all the other poor people.

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