Dynamic Scheduling

Dynamic scheduling is a fast track construction method were you intend to decrease the time scale in the construction project without sacrificing quality.

An example I give hear is my own personal one and I can demonstrate the difference in applying this method against the conventional Gantt and normal build times in normal conditions.

I took a 4,450.00 square foot home plan that I had never built before and the standard conventional construction time by the local builders was approximately 150 day’s from pouring the slab, given that permits had been pulled and the usual pre construction ground works carried out and the preparations in place to start construction. Using my existing sub-contractors and framing crews that were I have to say really special and fast I prepared my planning and scheduling on software called U.D.A. it has now become one of the best selling Project management and construction software packages on the market. I made sure I planned and gave accurate timescales of each of the functions from Concrete to sprinkelers and I filled in the gaps with some deliveries and talked to suppliers to make sure they understood my demands and more importaintly agreed with them. I had someone on site every day and the buzz was sounding, I was actually building 20 homes at a time and used this incentive for both my suppliers and my sub-contractors. Along with negotiating volume discounts from all my suppliers and subs making a saving to was also good. By the way before this I called in my engineer and tweaked a few design issues and value engineered a few things because when you look at some of the Truss layouts and cathedral ceilings and built plant shelves I knew there would be a few issues there.

I built the home in 79 day’s and it was for a disabled man in a wheel chair so I also threw in some modifications to his shower so he could enter it in his chair and the back patio and lanai area slightly sloped so he could easily move from the house area to the outside along with all the door openings were also over sized for wheel chair access and a ramp access at the front door.

If you want to try this yourself I would give a couple of pieces of advice, make sure you have got really experienced sub-contractors who don’t mind being put under a bit of pressure to finish with in there deadline and I would make sure that at the initial planning stage you be realistic with the time frames when you are programming your functions.

Good Luck

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