Flooding problems

If  like many of us you are caught up in a natural disaster there are certain priorities you have to consider first, the first one is avoidance if this can be done or given the  chance to evacuate the area, then take this chance, I read and see so many people who are still of the mindset it wont happen to me, Having been directly involved in emergency response and some of the worst hurricanes to hit the Florida coast this is the saddest part of the whole story,I suppose this is a nature gene deliberately planted to emerge or what ever the reason for these bad decisions, I say to you the most powerful thing in the world after the big bang and the explosion of a super nova is Mother Nature, yes we so much under estimate its powerful forces and consequences that it still kills millions of people who could of avoided its perils. You have a duty to yourself and your family to protect so what is it that makes people make these bad decisions ? I am sure its not that they don’t believe or understand the consequences if it goes really wrong and worst case scenarios, the flooding problems in Pakistan are so huge they are probably beyond most peoples comprehension an area the size of Britain under water ? I hope all governments step up the pace of their aid packages and assistance to these poor people or we are going to see millions of people starve and die as a result of the powers of Mothers sometimes forgotten Nature when there is chance to do good and protect let do it.

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