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Topseal - The Company

Topseal is the UK’s premier GRP roofing company, providing the most advanced GRP roofing systems on the market, through a network of highly trained and approved installers.

The company’s UK-based research and development team continue to develop innovative GRP roofing products and gained full BBA Certification for the original wet-laid Topseal GRP roofing system in 1992.

With a full research and development team, manufacturing facilities, quality control, customer service, training, administration and a nationwide network of Topseal approved installers, Topseal is a true end-to-end GRP roofing system provider.

Topseal GRP roofing systems are available with a guarantee on materials and craftsmanship with optional insurance backing with our Guarantee Protection Scheme, giving you the reliability, security and peace of mind you’d expect from the UK’s leading supplier of premier GRP roofing systems to the public, architects and specifiers.

logo1The Installers

We at North West Facilities have been in the roofing business for 33 Years, we have been involved in Historical Listed Building refurbishment and replacement, Commercial Industrial Estate Flat Roofing system Repair and Replacement, and the maintenance and replacement of the traditional Felt Flat roofing installation found in most Residential homes throughout the North West and North Wales areas.

After looking to strategically partner with the product manufacturers and selecting the best the market can offer in roads were made in to Topseal who as explained above are the leading manufacturers in the UK in this important area of Roofing.

We were looking not only for the best product on the market but we were also looking for a manufacturer who did not supply to the general public their product and trained every installer before allowing them to become installers.

To many manufacturers and products out there  are willing to sell their goods to anyone without training or supervision and this allows the unscrupulous cowboy Builder to enter the market.

"It is a Quality product that can only be installed by  quality, qualified companies, this is why we chose to partner our services with Topseal said Managing Director David Hartley" "We wanted the reassurance of an ongoing partnership with people who are passionate about the Roofing Business, and who can offer their expertise and market credibility to our clients".