I was recently asked to advise and help out with a rather unpopular situation involving a management companies demise. I was pretty familiar with the background of this company having sold it 9 years ago.

The problem was due to a member of staff who portrayed them self as almost  the companies owner and one with all the expertise.

Unfortunately this was not the case however they had persuaded a number of clients away from the business into their own new set up causing further damage to the existing previous successful agency.

After looking deeper in to the position and finding out what they had done it became apparent that this was a deliberate act of theft and stealing the companies identity,procedures and operating systems, Yes you see its not just people who get their identities stolen its companies to, however there is less you seem to be able to do other than begin a criminal investigation.

The point I am trying to make and warn people about is Estate agents have a bad enough name out their but are providing a service that is sometimes good and sometimes bad, but have you ever considered who are the qualified people running the operation, the receptionist who may have or in most cases be self taught or in house basic experience bestowed upon them, its the experience that is your main requirement especially given the fact that estate agents are not Property Management experts and the training is totally different along with legislation and different examinations. Estate agents decided to jump on the property management bandwagon when their own market became depressed and most don’t have a clue in what they are doing.

Be very careful people, and for those people who left even more, the repercussions of a criminal investigation also involves HMRC and putting you under the microscope personally.

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