North West Facilities Flood Restoration

By Now the dust is settling and the rivers receding and people are hoping and praying that they have a remote chance of getting their homes reinstated and back to normality by the Christmas break.


Unfortunately the insurance companies are overwhelmed with all the claims and even once processed  and passed on to their loss adjusters, they are also too overwhelmed and have UN imaginable work loads to get through.

I always thought that a good way to assist would be to have a simplified schedule of rates for different job functions that need to be carried out and share these with the home owners and let them do the administration work  and meet with the 3 potential builders who would be giving free estimates and time lines to fast track the repairs ?

Why does this not make sense to the insurance companies ? because they are in whats called a damage limitation mode, and their appointed loss adjuster is simply trying to save them money, with over complicated small print in the policies I think its time they were made to be transparent and fair, just like the banks, large industries can be over regulated and it takes time to police a wrong deed, keep it simple stupid KISS.

People would get back in to their homes a lot quicker, the insurance company would save money in accommodation, Loss adjusters fees, administration time ?

If you need assistance with your claim and you need someone on your side who understands these procedures and can carry out all the works under one roof, at a fair cost to everyone, and will go the extra mile.


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