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I have found over the years and using dozens of different software packages that we are fast becoming out dated in our user ability to keep up, Gannt Charts percentages of completion and cross referencing expenses against your estimate seems to be loosing its importance.

I have been using an American software package called UDA Technologies for several years now and they are continually updating and adding on all the extra whistles and bells and I think far out shine the competition, but I am always interested in looking at any British integrated suite that does as good a job as this software. It starts off at looking a bit overwhelming in areas, but once you grasp the links to each particular part then it becomes a common sense approach and is simplified. I am not trying to sell or recommend any particular product here but would be keen to see the equivalent equal version designed by a UK Company. If anyone knows of any please let me know. This software  integrates with quick books and is basically an excel spreadsheet that does all the usual reports and when you create your estimate it looks professional and gives the end reader an easy understanding broken down in simple to understand language. Let me have some feedback and please check this out its worth a look.

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