Topseal North Wales


Topseal have now moved in to North Wales and expanded its client base to include Cartrefi Cymunedol Gwynedd with the help of Local contractor North West Facilities Ltd.

Leading the way for being another major housing association keen to find a flat roofing product that will offer a long term solution and alleviate  its maintenance obligations in this area. When you have a stock of more than 6,000 homes maintaining them is a costly business, and flat roofing is a constant battle and expense in repairing and patching.

It makes sense to go with a leading UK manufacturer who can offer 25 year to 30 year guarantee's in this area and peace of mind knowing the product has the edge in its market and is backed by the BBA.For all inquiries in to how we can help Housing Associations, Councils, and Non Profit Landlords achieve a practical and long term solution,or Residential home owners, Commercial Property owners and Managing Agents.

Please give us a call.