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Topseal - The Company

Topseal is the UK’s premier GRP roofing company, providing the most advanced GRP roofing systems on the market, through a network of highly trained and approved installers.

The company’s UK-based research and development team continue to develop innovative GRP roofing products and gained full BBA Certification for the original wet-laid Topseal GRP roofing system in 1992.

With a full research and development team, manufacturing facilities, quality control, customer service, training, administration and a nationwide network of Topseal approved installers, Topseal is a true end-to-end GRP roofing system provider.

Topseal GRP roofing systems are available with a guarantee on materials and craftsmanship with optional insurance backing with our Guarantee Protection Scheme, giving you the reliability, security and peace of mind you’d expect from the UK’s leading supplier of premier GRP roofing systems to the public, architects and specifiers.

logo1The Installers

We at North West Facilities have been in the roofing business for 33 Years, we have been involved in Historical Listed Building refurbishment and replacement, Commercial Industrial Estate Flat Roofing system Repair and Replacement, and the maintenance and replacement of the traditional Felt Flat roofing installation found in most Residential homes throughout the North West and North Wales areas.

After looking to strategically partner with the product manufacturers and selecting the best the market can offer in roads were made in to Topseal who as explained above are the leading manufacturers in the UK in this important area of Roofing.

We were looking not only for the best product on the market but we were also looking for a manufacturer who did not supply to the general public their product and trained every installer before allowing them to become installers.

To many manufacturers and products out there  are willing to sell their goods to anyone without training or supervision and this allows the unscrupulous cowboy Builder to enter the market.

"It is a Quality product that can only be installed by  quality, qualified companies, this is why we chose to partner our services with Topseal said Managing Director David Hartley" "We wanted the reassurance of an ongoing partnership with people who are passionate about the Roofing Business, and who can offer their expertise and market credibility to our clients".

Topseal North Wales


Topseal have now moved in to North Wales and expanded its client base to include Cartrefi Cymunedol Gwynedd with the help of Local contractor North West Facilities Ltd.

Leading the way for being another major housing association keen to find a flat roofing product that will offer a long term solution and alleviate  its maintenance obligations in this area. When you have a stock of more than 6,000 homes maintaining them is a costly business, and flat roofing is a constant battle and expense in repairing and patching.

It makes sense to go with a leading UK manufacturer who can offer 25 year to 30 year guarantee's in this area and peace of mind knowing the product has the edge in its market and is backed by the BBA.For all inquiries in to how we can help Housing Associations, Councils, and Non Profit Landlords achieve a practical and long term solution,or Residential home owners, Commercial Property owners and Managing Agents.

Please give us a call.




Topseal Approved


We would like to congratulate all our installers who passed the Topseal accreditation training down in Harrogate on 10th and 11th of October 2013.

This now means we can offer our customers a market leading GRP Product in Flat Roofing Solutions. We have always believed the flat roofing industry is now moving forward in offering an alternative and longer lasting solution and that the old felt and bitumen roofing products were being replaced by better and longer lasting products.

We are moving forward in a positive way in this sector and can see that larger market growth in Fiberglass is the way to go, not only from the product outlasts and has a longer Guarantee backed by the BBA, It makes more economical sense and has a much cleaner and modern look, taking the flat roofing industry to the next level.

Have you Made any New Years Resolutions yet ?

Before I start our New Year Festive first blog story let me just say A very Happy New Year to all our subscribers, including New Visitors.

To subscribe to our blog and indeed add what makes this even more interesting "Your own stories Comments" and up to date comments" Please fill out your email and subscribe button and we will sign you  up for our free advise and some useful free information on any of our offered services including Emergency Property Damage or Repair, maintenance issues, Help and information on General Property or Building related Services, questions and answers ? you ask we will advise, point you in the right direction if you are not in our geographical area, which I expect many of you wont be ? so lets get started with an idea.

This year I have decided to do something a bit different, something I suppose a bit on the lines of  running a series of stories to do with Property Maintenance, Horror Stories, fun stories, to give our readers and clients a comprehensive overview of the importance of investing in the basics of Property Maintenance and what the consequences can be if you don't.

So I am inviting real event happenings,  current or past stories of what has happened to your property, send me pictures of proof or they will not be published, and I will respond on hopefully what the causes were and do a bit of CSI forensic backtracking and hopefully we can save future potential occurrences happening to others.

Its a bit like Cowboy Builders in reverse, I am calling it The invisible Building Maintenance, More on this in a separate blog, but basically its what happens to real life people, companies and families  by not carrying  the essential basic Property Maintenance Repairs and Cyclical Maintenance.

Just want to make people aware and offer the right help and advice when you end up with a job that you have to get done, its a bit like comparing Breakdown Recovery in your car " you break down and get towed to the garage and hit with premium repairs bills that you probably could of avoided"

We are also going to advise on Preventive Property Maintenance issues, and test all of our knowledge (mine included) on what we are all suppose to do at least once a year or maybe twice for the basic upkeep and avoidance of the larger repairs that can be prevented by doing these basic TO DO'S

I laughed out loud at a recent comment by a homeowner who posted a job on one of the Large Providers of job leads to the industry and it read this

"Hello, We have water dripping into our bedroom. At a wild guess, we need a roof repair!

And this little Cartoon caption below ?

leaking roof

Sounds as though I am trying to get laughs Right? I wish this was true, especially for the homeowners themselves.

We all appreciate and normally get caught off guard by  natural disasters like  Flood damage, Roof Damage, and accidental Fire damage, caused usually by faulty wiring,appliances,Christmas Tree lights,  that have been sitting in the loft all year then plugged in and expected to work perfectly ? usually they do but if you have had a leaking roof and water has penetrated the cable in your lights it will rust the cable and be extremely dangerous when plugged in to your mains.

I hope to get some feedback and get this blog really going, so for now have a great and safe day, any questions or comments please feel free to get in touch.


North Wales Floods

Horrific scenes across North Wales especially in the St Asaph area of Denbighshire are still prevalent, Power companies are stretched trying to restore power so the clean up can begin. City councils and volunteers and emergency services are stretched to the maximum.

What you need to do is plan for the next phase and co-ordinate the insurance companies  and loss adjusters to enable you to get on with the clean up and back to a normal life.

We can take some of the stress away from you and help you plan. If you need assistance with any aspect of your recovery to normal life.


Please give us a call, we are a local company and want to help.


Office: 01248-422 555

emergency email: 24 hours

North West Facilities Flood Restoration

By Now the dust is settling and the rivers receding and people are hoping and praying that they have a remote chance of getting their homes reinstated and back to normality by the Christmas break.


Unfortunately the insurance companies are overwhelmed with all the claims and even once processed  and passed on to their loss adjusters, they are also too overwhelmed and have UN imaginable work loads to get through.

I always thought that a good way to assist would be to have a simplified schedule of rates for different job functions that need to be carried out and share these with the home owners and let them do the administration work  and meet with the 3 potential builders who would be giving free estimates and time lines to fast track the repairs ?

Why does this not make sense to the insurance companies ? because they are in whats called a damage limitation mode, and their appointed loss adjuster is simply trying to save them money, with over complicated small print in the policies I think its time they were made to be transparent and fair, just like the banks, large industries can be over regulated and it takes time to police a wrong deed, keep it simple stupid KISS.

People would get back in to their homes a lot quicker, the insurance company would save money in accommodation, Loss adjusters fees, administration time ?

If you need assistance with your claim and you need someone on your side who understands these procedures and can carry out all the works under one roof, at a fair cost to everyone, and will go the extra mile.


Please give us a call

Tel:01248 422555

Emergency Number: 07891 557 581

Flood Repairs Specialist

If you are suffering from the recent Flood Damage in St Asaph or any other areas of  North Wales and Anglesey we are a local trusted  supplier who specialize in handling your works to enable you to safely return to your home.

Give our Emergency Line a call to find out how we can help you under one roof with all your requirements. 07891-557581

We understand how the insurance companies operate and work closely with Loss Adjusters who are dealing with the claim.

We are an Accredited Health & Safety bonifide vetted company and work with Housing Associations and local Councils, remember to check suppliers credentials don't be caught out by the cowboys in an already bad situation.

Flooding Rescue

Its been a very long time since we have had this amount of consistent heavy rain and more flooding and yet more Rain.

Noah was expecting his forty days and forty nights ? we always get caught out by mother nature be it snow rain or hail or winds.

Do you think these are messages of warning about climate change ?

If you need assistance in Anglesey or North Wales  with  an emergency situation Please give us a call.

Rainy Season has hit North Wales Hard

The wettest June in over one hundred years, prior droughts causing water shortages and hosepipe bans, flooding like we have never seen before, what is it going to take for us to realise we are tipping the balance of our delicate ecosystem we know as Earth. Our earth is 4.6 billion years old, Archeologists estimate that modern humans have been on the Earth for about 200,000 years a fraction of what has preceeded us with the different ages of our planet, we need to wake up and respect our Glorious gift before we lose what is surly our ultimate gift of all life as we know it.