Tony Fleet – Penmaenmawr

Knock through in stone cottage carried out November 2010

I contacted North West Facilities for an estimate on a knock through of a 50cm thick wall in a stone cottage and the installation of interior French doors. Previously I had had three or four companies offering (wildly different) estimates for the job, as well as different opinions as to what was type of beam was required. I was becoming frustrated because I felt I could not trust any of these companies either to do the job properly, or to undertake the job at a cost which was reasonable. Dave came as a breath of fresh air. He advised me to consult a structural engineer, which I did. The engineer gave me both a specification for the beam required, and an idea of what the job ought to cost. He also advised me to do the job in a different way. When I called Dave back, he came out straight away for a second visit, and gave me a costing for the revised job shortly afterwards which was not far from the engineer’s estimate.

From that point onwards, Dave was incredibly helpful – both with advice about how the job should be carried out, and of other aspects of work on the cottage renovation, even offering to obtain alternative French doors for me – of better quality and at a very good price. Dave organised a succession of tradesmen to carry out different aspects of the job (builders, joiners, plumber, electrician and plasterer). In each case, the work was carried out to an excellent standard. Inevitably, with a build of this nature, given the age of the property, there were problems. Dave oversaw all aspects of the build, and I was consulted at each stage about issues, and solutions were arrived at jointly, always respecting my wishes, even where this may not have been the easiest way to carry out the task.

The finish of the job was excellent, and I was impressed with the way that the workmen left the building clean and tidy both inside and outside. Inside was especially important, as due to the age of the property (150 years), a huge amount of dust was generated, far more than could have reasonably been expected.

In terms of the original estimate, Dave was as good as his word, and the cost of the knock through was kept to budget, even though the wall was thicker (60cm), the job took longer, and was more complex than anticipated.
All in all, Dave and his team have restored my faith in the building trade, and I would recommend them unreservedly to anyone else wanting to do a similar job. I am fully expecting to use them for the next stage of the development.

Tony Fleet