Conservatories Anglesey & North Wales

Conservatories are an ideal way of acquiring more living space without having to move home. In many instances they do not require planning permission and, providing they are well built, will add value to the property. Different local authorities have different rules regarding planning permission but some general rules are as follows:

  • Detached and semi-detached houses are allowed to extend by 70 cubic metres without planning permission (50 cubic metres for a terraced house)
  • If there is less than 20 metres between the conservatory and the nearest public highway or footpath then planning permission must be sought
  • If more than half the garden is being used planning permission applies
  • Listed buildings require planning permission

The full criteria are listed on the government’s planning portal website, and all the details of building regulations. These will not apply to conservatories unless the constructions are particularly large or not transparent.