Topseal Flat Roofing


We are theĀ  North Wales approved installer for Topseal.


Topseal Products: Flat Roofs

The 25-year guaranteed BBA approved Topseal GRP roofing system can be used for a wide variety of domestic, commercial and architectural applications. There are 98 colours, three finishes and four levels of protection available giving you 1,176 options to choose from, which you can use in practically any size, shape or angle of pitch.

You can choose from any of the BS4800 range of colours (98 options). The finishes are available in smooth, coated aggregate and non-slip. The levels of protection available are as follows:


Standard 450 gsm reinforcement mat for all general applications. Topseal will tolerate occasional foot traffic and is suitable for standard roofing installations.

Topseal HD

Suitable for Heavy Duty applications (600 gsm reinforcement mat). Topseal HD is recommended for uses where foot traffic is frequent, for example when used for balconies, walkways and stairs in domestic or commercial applications.

Topseal DoubleTop

Extra reinforced protection (2 x 450 gsm reinforcement mat) to provide a guaranteed waterproof barrier for permanent water containment in critical applications for example in ponds and pools.

Topseal GreenTop

A complete green roofing system with built-in DoubleTop protection, (2 x 450 gsm reinforcement mat) providing permanent water containment and a complete sedum or wildflower green roof system.