Have you Made any New Years Resolutions yet ?

Before I start our New Year Festive first blog story let me just say A very Happy New Year to all our subscribers, including New Visitors.

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This year I have decided to do something a bit different, something I suppose a bit on the lines of  running a series of stories to do with Property Maintenance, Horror Stories, fun stories, to give our readers and clients a comprehensive overview of the importance of investing in the basics of Property Maintenance and what the consequences can be if you don't.

So I am inviting real event happenings,  current or past stories of what has happened to your property, send me pictures of proof or they will not be published, and I will respond on hopefully what the causes were and do a bit of CSI forensic backtracking and hopefully we can save future potential occurrences happening to others.

Its a bit like Cowboy Builders in reverse, I am calling it The invisible Building Maintenance, More on this in a separate blog, but basically its what happens to real life people, companies and families  by not carrying  the essential basic Property Maintenance Repairs and Cyclical Maintenance.

Just want to make people aware and offer the right help and advice when you end up with a job that you have to get done, its a bit like comparing Breakdown Recovery in your car " you break down and get towed to the garage and hit with premium repairs bills that you probably could of avoided"

We are also going to advise on Preventive Property Maintenance issues, and test all of our knowledge (mine included) on what we are all suppose to do at least once a year or maybe twice for the basic upkeep and avoidance of the larger repairs that can be prevented by doing these basic TO DO'S

I laughed out loud at a recent comment by a homeowner who posted a job on one of the Large Providers of job leads to the industry and it read this

"Hello, We have water dripping into our bedroom. At a wild guess, we need a roof repair!

And this little Cartoon caption below ?

leaking roof

Sounds as though I am trying to get laughs Right? I wish this was true, especially for the homeowners themselves.

We all appreciate and normally get caught off guard by  natural disasters like  Flood damage, Roof Damage, and accidental Fire damage, caused usually by faulty wiring,appliances,Christmas Tree lights,  that have been sitting in the loft all year then plugged in and expected to work perfectly ? usually they do but if you have had a leaking roof and water has penetrated the cable in your lights it will rust the cable and be extremely dangerous when plugged in to your mains.

I hope to get some feedback and get this blog really going, so for now have a great and safe day, any questions or comments please feel free to get in touch.