Let the dust settle

There is always a first time for everything, but most of the time we can quote from our own history, David Cameron is the youngest prime minister since Robert Banks Johnson the second earl of Liverpool in 1812, he is 6 months younger than Tony Blair when he became prime minister in 1997.

So what does all this mean ? are we really going to witness the first coalition in 70 years making a difference to the poor state our our global finances and having a solution that will make us all stair in to our wage packets and thank the presiding Government for making us all better off than the last leaders holding the power ? do you know David Cameron canĀ  trace his ancestry back to William IV, making him a distant relative of the Queen.

Do we remember this quote that was received at the begining of David Camerons rise to this status.

Conservative Central Office is reported to have received a telephone call on the morning of his interview in June 1988, from an unnamed male at Buckingham Palace, who said: "I understand you are to see David Cameron.

"I've tried everything I can to dissuade him from wasting his time on politics but I have failed. I am ringing to tell you that you are about to meet a truly remarkable young man."

Was this a subliminal message from the real power who started the whole system of taxes and penalties for those who dont toe the line and pay their dues !

Personally I dont think we are about to experiance any major changes that will enrich us all personally, we have a huge deficit that is a record high and created by a global economic downturn and we have to find the money to pay it all back somehow, and the only sure two things as the very old traditional saying goes "There are two sure things in life Taxes and death"

But on a lighter noteĀ  everything is cyclical and I hope the powers to be learn by their mistakes and we see a return to a thriving economic up turn because after all its the jobs and people lucky to have them that are going to pay for all this, " experiance is the greatest teacher" let's hope we have learned from it.