Andrew Strode Gibbons

Andrew Strode-Gibbons was the founder of The Mortgage Lender and vowed in 2008 after the sub prime crash that he’d be back.

He’s launched a new lender Bridge Le Gap, based in the North West of England.

Speaking openly about the market and in particular the volatility of Interest rates, particularly amid the COVID 19, pandemic, he voiced that after this, he feels there will be a thirst for capital amongst commercial asset owners and he plans to fill the void.

Some lenders he says will be ultra cautious and may we’ll restrict LTV’s. He says that BLG will not be following suit and will take a pragmatic approach to common sense lending.

He also stated that his team, will be open to partnering on joint venture deals.

When asked why he won’t be lending in Scotland and Northern Ireland, he stated that, albeit, initially, his target Market will be England and Wales, but has not ruled out these two member countries of the UK.

Slate Roofing Winter Specials

Due to the Large stocks of Welsh Slates we have accumulated over the Recent year we are offering a special Deal on Slate Re-Roofing Jobs, the average Front & Back Terrace House up to 70 M2


Labour & Materials to Strip Slates

Labour to Install Breathable Felt & Battening and Re-Slate Roof

Allowance of 350 Matching  Slate Replacements

Clean out all Gutters and re-seal any leaking  Gutter Joints


£3,880.00 Plus Vat £4,656.00 Total  This offer wont last and is based on a first come first Served Basis.

8 Dreflan Mold Before Pic 1

Before 8 Dreflan Mold Client Flintshire County Council

8 Dreflan Mold Before pic 2

After Re-using the same slates 85% Salvaged and Same Ridge Tiles

8 Dreflan Mold


8 Dreflan 1

8 Dreflan After 2


8 Dreflan after 3


8 Dreflan After 2

We also offer Flat Roof Replacements and are a Topseal Approved installer

Fiberglass Roof Roofing with 25-30 Year Guarantees Back by the Manufacturer with a BBA Approved market leading product.

High Street Prestatyn 1


High Street Prestatyn 6

Tiled Roofing and all aspect of roofing Repairs

Call for a free no obligation Quotation 0845-568 7777

Slate Roof in Mold Flintshire Council

We are an fully vetted and approved Contractor for Flintshire County Council and have carried out the installation of many Topseal Fibreglass Warm and Cold Roofs on their extensive stock of Housing.

This is a recent update of our Current October 2015 Works Completed showing other potential future customers our work.


Dreflan Mold: Client:Flintshire County Council.

Before Pictures of a leaking slate roof that had been through many attempted repairs that we stripped installed New Breathable felt membrane , Installed New Tantalised Batten  and re-used the reclaim Good Slates and matched and brought reclaim slate in to replace the damaged.

8 Dreflan Mold Before Pic 1

As you can see from the picture there is also a terrible hump and drop in the existing shape of the roof that we straightened out when perking the roof ready for the slate install.

8 Dreflan Mold Before pic 2

We began to strip the existing Ridge Tiles and Slate and sorted out what could be re-used and began to felt and batten and dry the roof in.

8 Dreflan 1

Now dried in we began to focus on the Chimney flashing and soaker's and installed and replaced any perished lead flashing to make sure the roof hot spots would be protected. When I refer to hotspots I mean where the most leaking problems occur, and making sure that extra attention to detail in these areas are spent as below pictures show.

8 Dreflan Before 5

This before picture shows a previous repair has been carried out re-pointing the ridge tile and lead flashing. (done by others)

8 Dreflan before pic 4

Also a before picture Another hotspot where any roof vents or pipes come through the roof, or Velux Sky Light Windows installed, extra care has to be spent making sure these are adequately sealed and enough lap on the slates carried out.

After Pictures

8 Dreflan after 4

These are the same slates that come off the Roof, we ended up with quite a good Salvage reclaim percentage.

8 Dreflan after 3

After: No Bow in the roof any more.

8 Dreflan 5

Front Roof reslated pic2

If you would like a free  quotation please get in touch with us either at the office:01407-238 292 or Mobile: 07919-100 166. Or drop us an enquiry via our website.

We pride ourself s in our standards of workmanship every Roof is inspected and signed off by the  MD  and in our very competitive pricing structure we pass our volume purchasing discounts down to you the customer.

All our work is 100% Guaranteed with a guarantee that is secure, we can offer up to 30 year  Backed Guarantees by our Manufacturers Topseal on our Flat Fibreglass roofing Systems at very competitive rates.





Insulated Rendering North Wales

Installed By North West Facilities Ltd


The weber.therm XL robust external wall insulation system incorporates an expanded metal lath and a traditional or polymer modified render. It is available in a choice of finishes to suit new build and refurbishment projects.

The systems has BBA approval that covers a range of insulation types and render finishes.

System benefits:

  • Available in a comprehensive range of colours and textures to enable the creation of striking visual effects.
  • Available in a range of high performance water shedding finishes to protect the building fabric.
  • Particularly suited to high rise applications and areas where high impact resistance is required.
  • Eliminates interstitial condensation by creating a 'warm wall' construction.
  • High strength mechanical fixings allow application to existing surfaces that are 'suspect' or friable.
  • Supported by comprehensive technical and architectural services.

Insulated Rendering Abersoch

We are proud to announce the completion of 19 homes in Maes Gwydryn Abersoch, we have installed 60mm external insulation By Weber with a Black and White Spar dashed finish.


The Job also included structural works to most of the homes where we hacked of existing dashed finish exposing the structural cracked brick works 500mm each side of the crack and installed helix bars every 450mm in to the brick work and epoxy heli-bond grout, patched rendered to receive insulation boards.